Who is Regenovit?

Regenovit is a 100% Australian owned medical concierge service. Developed to source the best products and services for each of our clients. Partnering with a boutique compounding pharmacy, the supplements available are made-to-order, each of our products designed and crafted with individual health in mind.

Regenovit offers bespoke products at doses commercial sellers are unable to duplicate, with greater recorded benefit. We aim to provide each of our customers access to products and services that build on mental, physical and emotional health by including supplements founded on medical innovations and information. 

Specialising in longevity medicine, many of our products provide essential foundations to support reproductive and life-span health and in many instances can help rewind the clock on cell regeneration and ageing health. 

All our supplements are formulated with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that have been independently tested for purity. They are derived from natural sources where possible and are in the best-absorbed salt forms.

We only use vegetarian capsules, and the filler used (if any) is microcrystalline cellulose, which is a chemically inert substance, not degraded during digestion and has no appreciable absorption.

Formulations ordered through this online web-store are individually prescribed by a pharmacist. The suitability of this product will be discussed with you by a pharmacist when an order is received.

Demeter Group

Regenovit is a medical concierge service, a sub-branch of the Demeter Group owned by three Australian leaders in the medical, health and nutritional industries.

We aim to provide access to supplements and products that are medically and scientifically backed by research to support the health and wellbeing of each of our customers whether undergoing medical treatments or wanting to support their everyday health.